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jeffA slightly late Merry Christmas and a happy new year, I hope everyone is well and enjoying the holidays, it’s been an interesting year and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Panthera as much as we do. I was finally able to get this page done now that we’re done with the flashbacks and hope you can see the transformation of Marina stylistically as well as story wise.

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  1. Splotch

    Well thisss looks like fun.

  2. starling26

    I feel like its an irony that she is fighting them to save her father from cancer but has allowed Doulos to turn her into a walking tumor…

  3. kellyloza

  4. huawei

    nice one

  5. Zobot257

    Oh there is no way this is going to end well for anyone involved. She's got murder in her eyes, that girl.

  6. neumanga


  7. Fulian

    It looks fun but these people know nothing about hacking twitter accounts. Better keep up with the times.

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