dzThis is what we meant by sporadic updates.

However, the page sure is pretty, right? :-)

Pardus singing Earth, Wind & Fire is a new favorite thing that has happened in this comic.

jeffStuff continues to chug slowly on but pages will still come up. But if you’re wanting for more comics, you should prob check out the newest comics added to the SpiderForest community that we’re a part of. Have a gander of these few for this week:

Title Unrelated/,
Witch Throne,
Bits Fair,

Deviantart, FurAffinity, Twitter, Tumblr


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    art is exceptional and the story line decent, but if you can't keep up even a semi normal schedule why bother at all, most readers move on after a few days, you go weeks

  7. Robert Nowall

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  8. Werbenjageanjensn

    Ah, those sad days when I get caught up to the most recent posts. Going to be looking for more. How often is the comic updated? I want to know when to look for the next pages.

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