dzWe’re not dead and we intend to keep telling this story, at whatever pace might work. :-) If anyone’s still here, enjoy an awesome fight scene!

jeffIt’s been a while huh? We’re finally out of out hiatus so expect comics to resume somewhat regularly from now on. Still trying to determine how often we’ll update, most likely for the moment a bi-weekly schedule to make sure we at least have a page for you to enjoy.

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  1. Galfuri

    omg a update i thought it would never happen…..i love this webcomic and the story is amazing ( not many webcomics have gimmicks i like and enjoy) i hope to see more as so many good comics just turn to vaporware :(.

  2. Garth Rine

    Yes! An update, it's been so long. Man, I missed reading this comic. It. Is. Awesome!!! Also, I have a feeling we're going to get an angry rant from Marina with her making wild assumptions. 😀

  3. pharmadan

    hooray new page !

    For a second I thought those red leaves were blood splashes. So glad they aint.

  4. Musicalife

    Woo! An update!!!!

  5. gordonne

    welcome back, I know web comics are difficult, life tends to get in the way and there are bills to pay, it was a long hiatus but glad your back, love the artwork and the story is decent

  6. Lurking reader

    Oh we're still here, and very pleased to see this update! Lotta dynamic action going on. Here's hoping the show goes on!

  7. robertnowall

    Oh, good, you're still alive.

  8. healthcarepublic

    such a great stuff all photos are good to shoot thanks for share

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