dzI don’t remember when I first realized that this would have to be Andre’s fate, but it was pretty early on, around the same time I conceived of Marina as Uncia. Poor guy. One of our first characters, too. He was always so fun to write. Why do I kill off the best ones?

Jeff did a great job bringing this scene to life. I love Uncia’s rage here.

Oh, also! We got a nice little write-up from our SpiderForest affiliates over at My Hero; thanks for the kind words! Check them out!

jeffOnce again the serial killer D.Z has claimed his latest victim as Andre was killed by lightning. This was an interesting one as I kind of wanted to figure out how to make being literally pieced by ether lightning might appear. That and I wanted to up the blood a bit so took a bit to experiment with a lot of brushes to make the effect.

I think we’re at 3 characters that I liked the design of that D.Z has horribly murdered now, I’m starting to think he does it intentionally. ¬.¬

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  1. Garth RIne

    And this is why you should never give unstable, grieving children superpowers.

  2. musicalife

    I think the gang may end up having to kill her in self-defense.

  3. Uhl

    I hope that wasn't Pardus. I thought he was smarter than this.In any case, Unica has now crossed the point of no return. She dies NOW!

  4. Ree

    Holy crap. Did not see this coming… poor Andre. Too bad, I kinda liked the fella. All jokes and Knower of Secrets. RIP, he will be missed.

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