dzFun fact: as originally written, this and the last page were supposed to be just one page. Jeff, wisely, talked me out of it — it would have been outrageously crowded.

So this chapter will end at 25 pages instead of the ordinary 24. :-)

jeffDelayed welcome to 2017!! Bit of a delay for the start of a new year for Panthera but we’re back now, along with a certain guy who is totally supposed to be dead. And I’m not talking about Andre.

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  1. Darwin00

    Jeff the page isn't showing… not sure what's going on I get alt link only.

  2. Garth Rine

    Soren has a gun and he's facing Marina. I have a bad feeling about this.

  3. Uhl

    Dude. Not the way to talk to your top enforcer when said enforcer is having an emotional crisis. Especially when the enforcer has SUPER POWERS!

  4. The Aussie Bloke

    Carefully, Onca. While he's telling off Uncia, fill the gun with water!

  5. DZMcRoy

    Thanks for all the comments, guys! 😀 Really appreciate that there are still people following along!

  6. watch

    such a great stuff thanks for share photos

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