dzI really like this dynamics of this moment. Dr. Oosterhuis needed Marina/Uncia to have any hope at all, and despite how she realizes her colossal error, she still needs him, too.

So at the moment he most wants to give up, she won’t let him. She still believes his brilliance can be re-purposed for good. Perhaps she even still cares about him; he’s certainly a masterful manipulator of impressionable teenagers.

The end of this chapter will bring closure to this arc, and set the stage for what comes next. Stay tuned!

jeffA little late so sorry about that. Some stuff got in the way.

EDIT: Updated with transformation effects as I forgot to add them.

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  1. SquirrellyJ

    Wow, didn't expect THAT out of Ari…

  2. watch

    thanks for sharing photos

  3. Gordonne

    looks like another extended hiatus, love the art work and story, but not sure I want to sit out another long period

  4. Bakermon

    Just curious about the status of things. I am really liking the story and everything, and I would love to see more.

  5. agatunev

    Hey what kind of mythological animal is this ?


  6. d troll

    well tired of waiting 6 months to a year for an up-date even if I inly open it once a week, I'm gone shame it had a lot of potential

  7. PennyL

    I still check in periodically, hoping for an update.

  8. missyE

    waiting patiently for an update!!

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