January 26th, 2009
Page 1.09

Pix: No time for anything to say from me, Photoshop crashed losing me an hour of work, and now I’ve got a seminar to go to in Russia. Moscow.

Jeff: I’m still at home though, a week before getting back to uni. And realising I have to send back one of my assignments due to an error. x.x but anyways, we’re back. And this time we’re at a new location, the bedroom. which is alot more pink than I imagined, lol. I think Pix has a secret hate for Fall Out Boy, given that was what one of the posters was. No matter, you can see this page’s lineart, and other previous pages in the Extra’s section without colour and and text with a few additional notes on the process.

Pix: Room colour changed by popular demand. And by force of DZ. XD

D.Z.: Page looks more palatable (palette-able?) now, though it’s still an odd door that opens into a hallway. Taylor’s room is pimped out, though, huh? Wall-mounted computer monitor? Nice.

Jeff: Well its stuck like that from now, not less we be accused of continuity error when subsequent pages swing inwards, lawl.


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