Pix: Right, comic’s done. Photoshop’s been messing me about a lot recently, so I’m going to spend the rest of the day getting rid of the entire of CS3, and installing CS4. Don’t you just love student licensing?
Edit: CS4 turned out horrible, summary of the disaster here. The whole thing has taken over 9 hours to uninstall CS3, install CS4, find out it’s useless, uninstall it, and reinstall CS3. -.-

Jeff: I wouldn’t know, given my copy of CS4 is the full version. >.> More of Taylor’s room, nothing you havent seen before in the last page. But is something sinister afoot in the Outing Club? Will Taylor find the truth to her path? Will we ever get popular enough to warrant a forum? Find out next week on Panthera!!

D.Z.: Will we manage to keep to Wednesdays now that we’re back on them? Will I ever stop banging down Jeff’s door to get the pages done? Will… okay. Anyways, I’m sure Jason is just being overdramatic. There’s clearly nothing suspicious about an exclusive three-member club that dress in matching uniforms and amulets, right? Taylor, your reservations are so quaint.

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