Pix: I think the black border cranks the sinister up to eleven. That, and the fact we have some quite possibly illegal experimentation going on.

I like to think it’s the border, though.

Jeff: If theres anything to show this comic is alot more darker than you thought it was, this page pretty much does it. There was a discussion whether or not this poor woman was clothed or not. I left her nude, and the rest agreed as this only showed more of the vulnerability, and the cruelty of this unknown person.

Who is this Massive Dynamic Ovid Pharmaceutical corporation that they are willing to do such a thing. You’ll just have to keep reading.

D.Z.: Welcome to Ovid Pharmaceutical Test Lab Alpha 345-B. Come for the atmosphere, stay for the horrible biological torture.

I relax my decree towards bland sameness of format long enough to acknowledge that a black border does look pretty damn cool here.

Also, fact, this page wasn’t in the original script. Added because science tests, dodgeball, and sibling chats were just a little too sinister. Felt we needed something to lighten the mood.

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  1. Splotch

    Mood lighting! Nothing sinister at all about mood lighting!
    Just like in Doom 3!

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