February 23rd, 2009
Page 1.12

D.Z.: Abiogenesis, look it up.

Sorry we keep getting delayed, we’re working on it. Probably next page around this Thursday, depends on what Jeff can manage. I’ll let him tell you.

For now, though, ooh, pretty comic. Last time we’ll be in this “canteen” for a while. (The Brits keep calling it a “canteen” and I just think of a waterbottle.)

Jeff: Apologies for this coming up late. I misjudged the time it would take to draw out this many poses and backgrounds. Anyways,  back in the lunch room, of which this time, you can see the background there are actually people! Three of them! We’re going up in the world.

Pixellated: Finally, my internet’s… half-fixed. We spent about half an hour over MSN trying to send the comic to DZ to get it online, since there’s someone in this flat torrenting something or other. Anyway, here’s your page; hopefully Jeff’ll get off his backside and get some more drawing… drawn up so we can get back on track with weekly updates for you.


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    This is awesome!