Pix: Another surprise update, albeit a little lightweight. You might have missed last weeks’ Monday’s comic, so go ahead and push the button to get back. Good news, though: we’re apparently back on schedule, but I wouldn’t know. DZ goes on about it, but I’ve never seen this mythical chart. I’m sure he’ll go on a Power Metal quest in his little mind and hunt it down from the Emperor, flying back on eagles or some stuff he likes to headbang to.

Umm, wait. Currently listening to: Rhapsody – The Pride Of The Tyrant : [03:31/04:54]. IT’S SPREADING

D.Z.: You know, those two are just going to constantly use this space as their revenge for my bugging them during the week. It’s thanks to that bugging that you people get anything at all, so don’t listen to them. :p Yes, from here on out we should actually honor that thing up there that says “updates Wednesdays”. I hope, anyhow.

Not much to say, except yay for epic music and being abducted by your brother’s club and… having something done to you? Ooh, mystery.

Jeff: Better than no updates at all I would think. The fact we’re still consistant with comics every week is good enough in my books. but then we’re apparently not to snuff with Red’s high standards. XD

But yeh, nothing much from my end as this was the least drawn of the bunch. Left me time to play Dawn of War 2 and Empire Total War and Left 4 Dead. Yeh Steam gets alot of attention from me. :3

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  1. Splotch

    Come to think of it, leopards *are* known for goofing off and doing silly things.

    Question: Did you know this when you started?

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