Pixellated: I’m getting quicker at my part, it’s only taken me just over an hour from opening the PSD to getting it up here this time, as opposed to the three-to-four hours slogs that I was doing before. Plus, this time I was talking on IM as well. Anyway, here’s your page. Your late, late page.

D. Z.: In a perfect world, all complex medical procedures should take place on pool tables. Art and colors in this one are some of my favorite yet. We made Pix warm up the colors so the characters don’t all resemble vampires.

Jeff: It hurts an artist to put their drawings in such obvious pain. Doesn’t help I spent a bit of time playing around with how her eyes change that is linked to said pain. Expressions I hope are also working.

Now to work on pg 16.


  1. Puck

    …. I'm a bit too amused by how casually Wannabe-Latin-Lover (ugh, that mustache! >>) informs her of her encroaching misery….

  2. fionnsilverwolf

    You know, she's having a slightly less severe reaction than she would to Final Exams.

  3. Splotch

    Love pool tables… the game is pretty boring, but that green surface is beautiful. I've always liked to imagine the pockets are bottomless pits like a platformer game.

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