March 22nd, 2009
Page 1.16

Pixellated: And exactly one week after the late page, we have another late page. But it’s exactly one week, can’t be that late, surely? We just haven’t made any headway in catching up. Easter holiday coming up, so Jeff should be more free to do his thing. Enjoy the view.

D. Z.: Man, I feel for Taylor. When I joined the chess club, they also totally dragged me off to their secret hideout and messed with my biology.

Heh. Updates Wednesdays. Eventually, I hope. What’s there now is quite beautiful, anyhow.

Jeff: You can’t help but feel that title should say Updates Weekends/Mondays given thats generally when these pages are coming out now. Anyways, new page came out well, although sadly you can’t see her transformed eyes that well in this res now that I see it. :(

Still, least the boathouse came out quite nicely, and to think [D.Z.] wanted me to copypasta the house from the first comic. Pffttt.

Pix: I’ve turned the jpg quality from an 8 to an 11, this comic really suffered with the compression this time. A touch of extra bandwidth, but hey. We’ve got practically unlimited. Turns out the poor quality was due to DZ making some changes and recompressing an already compressed image, rather than asking me to. -.-

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