Pix: Photoshop just laid more hate down on me than the BBC News reader feedback section for the Jade Goody’s legacy article, so I gave up for a few hours until I was in a better mood. Also, this might explain this comic for some readers. I certainly didn’t get it first time DZ handed me the chapter’s script (which was probably about a year ago).

Zman: So the spambots found us, and the current shoutbox had to be taken down. If anyone has suggestions for an alternative, or wants to let us know how much you want a new shoutbox/forum, you can email blog@pantheracomic.com.

Jeff: The first thing I do after I installed a new graphics card? Do a late page, lol. But I like how it turned out, which I put an insane amount of detail oddly.As for the kool-aid thing, I just draw, whatever reference Red tries to make I just pretend to acknowledge and move on. 😛

D.Z.: Jane who? Pix, what sort of jerk makes a comedic reference unlikely to be understood on one side of the Atlantic? Anyways, pity we had to lose the shoutbox. Now where will our readers (Pix: Readers? What readers?) get their discount male enhancement from?


  1. Kirsten

    HAHA this cracked me up. Glad I know the reference.

  2. bajanpoet

    Oh God … LOLOLOL Not a good time to bring in Kool-Aid…

  3. Paul

    Heh, wasn't it Flavor-aid?

  4. evilmeep

    … Was that… a racial joke?…

  5. Splotch

    Oh it's a lamp!
    Umm… when did they mention her having to change before she said that?

    Like, Jason was clearly about to but then Taylor cut him off…

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