Pixellated: Each week I’ve been trying out a different method of workflow. Originally I had it down as ‘Do each character in all panels, then the backgrounds, then shade, then word’. Now, I just do each panel as it comes for colour, shade everything, then word. Less moving around gets things done a fair bit quicker. Not to mention suddenly waking up at 5am with no intention other than to do this page.

D.Z.: Eighteen pages of build-up, hope the payoff (and true plot, which pretty much begins with the next page) is worth it. Got rid of “Updates Wednesdays” for now for (unfortunately) being pretty much a lie. Next page around next Thursday. After the first issue is done (pg. 24), I’m going to try again to create a stable and constant weekly schedule that’ll last a while and end this scattershot silliness.

Jeff: Not much of a page honestly, and I’m sorry for the delays over recent weeks. Sadly, itll be later next week as well due to university assignment deadlines littered through that week and I got tons still to do. Ah the joy of balancing loads of things, lol. Still, the next set of pages should be pretty interesting…if I can figure out how to draw that something that is quite central to the plo.. *shot to keep secrets. x.x

PS. We still need suggestions on a new chat talk message thing for our page.

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  1. fionnsilverwolf

    Two seconds later…
    "For the love of god, PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON!!!"

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