Pixellated: I was dreading colouring this page, first time for both Tigris, Pardus and any sort of elemental powers, but I think/hope it turned out alright. The script notes for Jeff say ‘Taylor is clearly in serious peril’, and I’d say that’s about right.

The Forum is now active, and the only thing it’s lacking is you! Get in there, meet some people, and talk with us, we’d love to hear what you think of the comic so far. Just waiting for Zman to get back from his holiday so we can get a link on the banner.

Jeffk38uk: Not the best art this time around, but oddly hard to draw ground and effects when you’re not supposed to draw effects. The first 3 panels came out better imo, but it still looks good thanks to pix. Apologies for the lateness, getting back to rythmn after the whole final project thing. Thur was the presentation show and i was out the majority of the day.

Speaking of, heres a link to my final project animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD15w0TODfw Stars Red himself in the voiceacting. I got some good responses from friends and lecturers so that will be good in my portfolio now that I have to look for a job. x.x

Anyone play Killing Floor? Me and Pix have the game and more than happy to play you guys. Same goes for Left 4 Dead. Talk about it now in our new forum and other subject matters.

D.Z.: Panthera! See? See why it’s called Panthera? And see the cool stuff they can do on top of that?

Everything’s coming along great, but we can definitely use feedback. Help us build this fledgling story–join the Panthera forums!

Zman: Pix added a button to our banner, and I’ve replaced the old one. We now have a link to the forum! Permanent links, yay!


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