June 8th, 2009
Page 1.23

Pixellated: What’re you looking down here for? Go look at the comic again. Much praise to Jeff for art. Also, a quick reminder that The Forum still needs you!

Jeffk38uk: This is my favourite page out of the whole issue. Simple, yet dynamic….or at least I hope so. What will she turn into? (Ans: Matt Daeeeemooonnnn) Find out tommorow! Or wednesday….

D. Z.: If anyone is too turned on by this page, keep two things in mind: 1.) she’s fourteen and 2.) in about three seconds, she’ll be able to bite your face off.

Quite pretty, though. Oooh.


  1. Puck

    None of the others lost their clothing!

  2. D. Z.

    Explained later, as I'm sure you found! :-)

  3. fionnsilverwolf

    Sailor Moon Transformation Go!

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