Pixellated: This one was a pain. Didn’t know jaguar spots were actually intricate, plus my poisoning seems to be fluctuating a bit. I keep waking up feeling horrible, then fine, then worse. Today was an off-day.

D. Z. Another one of those landmark pages that’s been in my mind ever since I first started kicking this idea around well over a year ago. It’s damn good to see it realized so gorgeously. Taylor’s had a fairly significant life change over the past 36 hours, yeah?

Jeffk38uk: Hey! Where’d Taylor go?! Who replaced her with a jaguar??? Once again a page that doesn’t come alive until you add in the colour and background effects. So kudo’s to pix, even though he’s having an illness that likes to mess around like that virus from Red Dwarf S7. Wonder if we need to cut off one of his arms to fix it….

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