Pixellated: And that’s Chapter 1 over. Not a clue what to write here for this one, but let it be known I sacrificed some valuable TF2 time to finish this page up =P

D. Z.: And… scene. Reading back through this chapter, we’ve improved immensely in just a few months. Script gets better-paced from here, too. All in all, in retrospect, this chapter feels a bit like a long-extended prologue, but I’m very happy with where we now stand and where we’re going. Chapter 2 starts on/around Thursday, and should open with some great action. Stick with us!

Jeffk38uk: Well, one issue down, who knows how many more to go. Hopefully issue 2 will be much more steady now that I’ve completed uni….unless im screwed in a new job lol (lies, its videogames and anime). I really should start working on those extras now…


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