July 3rd, 2009
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Pixellated: Ah, so regular people can’t understand them. It’s a shame no-one’s listening to their one-liners. Also, golf clubs do burn. They do. Honestly. Just like tigers can set things on fire with their minds, so can golf clubs burn.


What you sayin to me? What you, what you saying to me?

What you trying to tell me? What you, what you say

Is that my golf club is on fire
My hands are be burning?
I’m running away in fear
And all the animals keep running!

Cauusee theyyyy areeeee, Pantnnnnnthhhe—ra.

D. Z.: Growwrr rawwrrr grrrwrr ggrrr rawr. Obligatory forum plug.

Also, currently very much enjoying The Whiteboard. If you haven’t before, check it out.

*stabs Jeff for referencing that terrible, terrible song*


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