July 9th, 2009
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Pixellated: Right at the end of the script portion for this page from DZ: “Oh yeah and they should look intimidating as hell. Like a giant drug bust or something. But so it’s clear that all hell is about to rain down on this golf course.”

Jeffk38uk:Naa na na naa na na naa na na naa, naaaaaaa, yeah yeah
Look’s like it’s hot action
Jammin’ wit Samuel L. Jackson

….I’m going to watch that S.W.A.T movie again….

D. Z.: Incidentally, I just got back from playing golf. Broke 100 for the first time in my life (48-51 for 99). Whee.

I do feel the round could have used some panthers and SWAT helicopters, though.

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  1. dragon

    that's one hell of a response time.

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