Pixellated: This page took far too long to complete on my end. Dealing with a quick bout of a strange depression wrecked my regular work cycle, and I’ve just checked the time. This page took me four hours, rather than the regular one and a half. Hope you guys enjoy the effort though =P

D. Z.: Sorry about the brief delay; this page and the next are probably the toughest in the entire first five chapters. Very, very happy with how nice it came out, though. Major props to Jeff and Pix.

Comic link of the week (think we’ll make this a regular thing): Housepets. Hilarious and heartwarming cat-and-dog strip that’s really taken off lately, highly recommended.

And your regular reminder that we love our forumers.

Jeffk38uk: Similar to Pix, this page took alot longer to finish than I thought. And I started a day earlier as well. The amount of detail on weapons and uniforms. @.@ Not to mention getting the high brigade trapese swat officers to look right took a bit as well. But it came out well in the end so thats good.

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