Pixellated: And I’m back from Dorset. Sorry about the gap, but here’s a nice new page, with guns and stuff. Are we friends again?

D. Z.: No, Tigris, we don’t barbecue the federal soldiers. Put him back.

Comic link of the week: A Skewed Paradise. Good recommendation for anyone who likes “El Goonish Shive” (one of my strongest comic inspirations)–in fact, the plot is quite a lot like EGS’s. But definitely worth a read.

Jeffk38uk: Last time on Panthera…

“Jason, I’m Pregnant, and you’re the father!

“Why did you leave me! I thought we were for together!” “I’m afraid thats not possible. It was never meant to be!!”

And now the conclusion…

On a serious note, it’s nice to get back to the rythmn again…well for Pix anyway, I had to draw the 3 pages regardless. I should get paid. Paid I tell you!!! XD


  1. CassCain

    Just curious, is there any actual reason that they shift into cats? Why not just get the elemental abilities?

  2. Puck

    See, now, I don't expect them to look exactly like the big cats they can turn into, as you noted a few pages back that you don't draw animals often, but there is one little thing that I'm a total nerd about and therefore drives me crazy about this comic….

    They should so not all be the same size! D: Tigers are the biggest of the big cats, lions the second-biggest, and leopards (or panthers) one of the smaller types. Jaguars are smaller, too. There's a really noticeable difference in size between all of them that isn't portrayed here. I love the comic, but I just let that get under my skin, haha. Unless you meant them to all be the same size for some reason, in which case, please ignore me! Otherwise, keep up the great work.

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