Pixellated: And our rapid-fire updates come to an end. Not sure why it happened this way, it just did… ask Fuhrer DZ over there for reasons.

Jeff: “Make him look as crazy as possible” is what Red said when he asked me to draw Fletch doing that werewolf pose while giving the rolling eyes. I told him that made him look more stupid. Turns out that was even better. Lol. It’s the return of Taylor! And soon in possibly new clothing…

D. Z.: Took a while to post this week, but hey, check out the revamped ads on the left. I like the full look it gives the site. (Again, if you can’t see them, please support us by unblocking ProjectWonderful–you’ll discover some really great comics that way.)

A very late comic of the week: Tribes: The Dog Years. Has promise, but seems to have fallen half-dead the last few weeks. Beautiful art though!


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