Pixellated: That’s not a photo! That’s a screenshot from Dead Space! Anyway, this week I’ve mainly been listening to this track, Moonlight by David Vandervelde. First piece of music I’ve bought for myself in years.

Jeffk38uk: That reminds me, I need to finish Dead Space. lol. But yeh, fun page to draw….even though it took me a while to visualise it thus the lateness. Sorry about that. :(

D. Z.: Love Pix’s work on the flashback panels here. And a good work making my exposition wall-o-text fit pretty nicely.

Link of the week: D. C. Simpson’s Raine Dog. Aside from being someone else who uses two rhyming initials beginning with “D”, Simpson (of Ozy & Millie fame) is a fantastic writer. Check it out.

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