Pixellated: Reydner’s just THAT ANGRY THAT HE SEES NOTHING BUT OVID. Seriously. Anyway, I think serious-business comics are done for the time being? Unless we’ve got one more. I don’t know, DZ’ll post what might be happening when he writes his section. Music while doing the comic this week comes from Video Games Live. I’m a sucker for video game music, and a sucker for orchestra. Put them together, I’m glued to it. Shame I’ve never been able to go to an event, in the UK they’re either in Glasgow/Edinburgh, or London. I’m slap-bang in the middle of those two cities. D:

D.Z.: The exposition bombardment continues! But hey, it leaves you catching up at about the same rate as Onca. There’s a little bit more of this to come, but as fun as bizarre cults and endless confusing transformation battle scenes would be, this comic does, amazingly, have a plot. Enjoy! 😀

Jeffk38uk: It’s getting to the point where you just want the Wall-o-text’s to end so we can get to the good stuff, lol.

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  1. CassCain

    Everything makes more sense now 😀
    Excellent, I look forward to the rest of the story!

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