Pixellated: “We actually call him that because he really likes Greek restaurants.”

Jeff: Bet you D will complain the door is swinging the wrong way again.

D.Z.: Actually, the door is done correctly this time. Front doors open in. Also, I keep picturing Onca doing the Clerks thing. “I’m not even supposed to be here today…”

So! As of next week, if all goes well, we will begin working off of a one-page buffer, updating at 12:00 AM GMT on Thursdays. That’s the midnight between Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll see if that works out.

The Forum.


  1. Taix Wolfmore

    "Ari", good name, if you are the cazy type….

  2. Jindra34

    And I think I see what Pixellated (assuming you guys ever come back to this page) was talking about with the door swinging the wrong way, its shown swinging inward with the hinges on the outside.

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