Pixellated: I quite like doing scenes with darker shading: in broad, ambient light, it’s difficult to shade since you know there really wouldn’t be that much shadow in the first place, but in the dark, you can pick out some key points of light, and work from there. Sorry to Jeff for having to cover up a fair bit of panel 1 (both with darkness and the car-light) D:

D. Z.: Although, really, “Onca auditions” would have been a pretty funny way to do it.

Jeffk38uk: It is a darn shame that most details pretty much get covered up in night scenes. At the same time I often quite like the end results regardless cause thats how its supposed to look. I just like adding the details as you might catch them in the dark, as you would in real life. Course, if you want to see the details, you can see the lineart version in the ol’ Extra’s page. As a side thing, a panthera cookie to those who can tell what the original inspiration for the car was. Answers in our forum thanks. XD

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  1. Taix Wolfmore

    But you made it look [put word here]! So keep doing what you are doing!

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