Pixellated: Still in the car here, but it was all a bit quicker to do since I’d set out all my swatches in the last page. I wouldn’t really mind if the rest of the comic took place in Jason’s car, but I daresay DZ wouldn’t agree with me. Maybe if I’m lucky, the next page’ll be in there as well.

D.Z.: Well, we could just keep them in the car forever and turn this into “Cash Cab: Panthera”. But that wouldn’t go well towards stopping Ovid, would it?

Link of the week: Doce, a comic by our favorite (and, I’m pretty sure, only) Portuguese forum-er, wapy. Check it out, especially if you like seeing people get hazed a lot. :p And come to the forum to help suggest comics I can link here!

Jeffk38uk: Certainly fun drawing the interior of a car thats for sure. And motorways with the zoom zoom and billboards.

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  1. Taix Wolfmore

    But you say to not do that in public, not with you…..

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