Pixellated: Another car comic? Pix, your wish has been granted.

Anyway, halfway through finishing up this comic, I sent a text (cross-Atlantic, a bit costly): “Just noticed something… Can we end the comic on page 18 with them all dying in horrific, tragic car accidents since Jeff didn’t draw them any seatbelts?” Having a look through the forum, no-one else has noticed this either (at least, not since I’ve written this on Friday). Either way, I’ve gone and edited the previous two comics, and made them road-safe. Remember guys, always wear a seatbelt, or you may end up in a coma where you dream of being chosen from your high-school for a crack-team of shape-changing fighters taking on a pharmaceutical company.

Did I just guess the (rather poor) ending? No? D:

Jeffk38uk: That’s because, when you’re this cool, you don’t need to wear seatbelts. XD Next you’ll be informing them that they should be driving at 30mph and a kid being hit has a 80% chance they’ll live compared to 40mph.

D.Z.: Only one more car page after this one, promise (though still some night scenes to come, so Pix still gets to enjoy his dark shading). Also, getting that hilarious text was a highlight of my week.

Comic link of the week: Slightly Damned. A great read that starts in a rocky purgatory and ends up with a demon in a purple pimp suit. Check it out!

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  1. Taix Wolfmore

    YES! Another car comic! YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

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