Pixellated: Look at the waterfall, look at the stream, look at… all the words in the way. Be quiet guys, we’re trying to enjoy the view. XD (Edit: Script changed so it’s not ambiguous as to if they’re having a conversation or not. Even though they can shoot fire and that, they’re not telepathic.)

D. Z.: Run away, squirrel! Run faster! The thought bubbles are coming after you!! (EDIT: Changed some of the text so it’s clearer that it’s not a telepathic conversation. We don’t rip off Animorphs -that- much!)

Hey, news! The super-awesome Panthera forums have just passed 50 members! Who wants to be the super-special #51? A big virtual nonexistent cookie to whoever it is. 😀

Jeffk38uk: You know, I suggested perhaps adding a red U.I in the top right corner of panel 2, with a timer counting down. Apparently this didn’t fit with the overall page. lol. I’m getting better I think on doing nature, and I hope you do to, when you can see it anyway.

Doesn’t mean I still don’t find it a ***** to draw it tho…

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