Pixellated: “Jason? JASON?! JAAAAAAASOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!”

Hey, I don’t think we mentioned anywhere that Panthera’s been going for over a year, now. If you’re just checking this page every week for the updates, why not have another (admittedly brief) browse through from the start of the comic and see how far the art’s come? I was a bit surprised that I’d gotten better at doing this, and who knows how it’ll be in another year from now?

D.Z.: And you may notice a few plot quirks as well–for instance, Reynder’s choice of “water” as a discussion topic. So I do recommend a re-read! The scripting has come a ways, too, and should only improve from here.

Next page is the last of this chapter. Expect a couple new extras soon as well, including one that Pix and I have been waiting to bring you since pretty much the very beginning!

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