Pixellated: End of Chapter 2. Please eject the cassette tape and turn it round, as the story continues on Side 2.

So, Reydner’s got some mystery girl? How… mysterious. Is she dead? Is she alive? When given a karaoke machine, would she select The Beatles or Queen? Does she say her favourite colour is red, but it’s secretly blue? Why’s her photo in a locket? Does she take milk and sugar in her tea? Too many questions. And personally, I’d like all of those answering in the comics to come. But I doubt they’ll all get answered.

D. Z.: Aww, Reynder is a sad panda. Why? To be continued, indeed.

Link of the week (I keep forgetting to do these): featuring Talking Guinea Pigs!, one of the funniest things I’ve run across on the ‘net lately. Feuding rodent astronauts, deadly space combat, and a number of alarmingly eccentric Russian philosophers. Definitely check it out!

J38UK: I’m wondering if I should stick to a size 5-6 brush rather than the size 4 brush I often use for linearting. Would make lighter lines contrast better with the thicker main lines. We’ll see.

And an end of chapter 2. Blimey, who’d have thought. Let’s hope for continued goodness next chapter. And more fans. More fans means more suggestions and discussions. Talks available on our own forum. Or in a chatbox if we ever get that up….

Now then, Left4Dead 2/Modern Warfare 2/Borderlands/ST: Elite Force 2/Deus Ex 2 taem for me. :3

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  1. druidofthewolf

    first human to die by ovid tests his wife. die form the thing he made for those monsters. that was what i think it means could be off

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