pixellatedI think this car needs a name. It’s been in more comics than most minor characters already.

This page took twice as long as usual, for no good reason. It didn’t even feel slow, I just started, finished, looked at the clock, and it’d been 5 hours. And I still have this essay to get on with, which I have very little motivation for.

blakeRunning away is futile, Fletcher. Your time upon this plane of existence is coming to a close, but you cannot escape it. Your demise shall be brought on swiftly by my paw when the time is right. Until that moment, I revel in your suffering. Haha! HAHAA! HAHAHAHAHA*coughcoughcoughhairball

dz… Zman?! Security!! How’d that cat get in here?! (You’ll be seeing more of Blake, everyone, if not so much in the main comic itself.)Link of the week: The Dawn Chapel. Very new, very cute storytelling, and currently features a lion cub fighting a T. rex. Check it out!

jeffI would say the car is Herbie, but then I’d have to draw it in a race and I’m tired of the interior already. lol. Check out next page to see them camp, sing songs and cook food. In other news, Saboteur and Zelda: Spirit Tracks are surprisingly good. Never really got into Zelda games but this new DS title is actually quite engaging. Other games I’ve been playing is Dirt 2 (just as great as Dirt 1 and GRID), Resident Evil 5 co-op with a friend on PC and the usual titles I believe I mentioned before. Also gonna check out a couple of mods I apparently missed out on. But I’ll save that for next page.

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