pixellatedI think we’ve just found Reydner’s level of humour: eighties rock references. Now all we need is someone else with a strange fascination with Jean Michel Jarre to be his arch-nemesis.

jeffYou know there was some confusion during the WIP progress with D.Z of which I showed him a rough draft of the page, after his concern of a certain thing, I re-edited it and went about designing the evil lair of training. Then I find out when I finished I drew the star wrong again, or at least upside down. Turns out during the WIP stage, he thought I drew a star of David. How he ever got that I will never know. Thank the power of photoshop. Select>Transform Selection, flip 180 degress. add a few lines, done.
As for the design of the secret gym lair? Blame Evil Genius, I’ve been replaying this fun RTS management game designing your evil lair that I had a brainwave to design something similar….without the sliding doors, and the slanted walls, and the traps…and about everything else secretly and lairy.

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