pixellatedPoor, poor Fletcher. If you’re written to somewhat of a comic-relief character role, you’re going to have to be well-versed in all the comedic arts, and that includes slapstick. And to all you guys who’re wondering why the sound effect’s a roar when Onca’s mouth is spurting water? Well, would you be intimidated by someone after you’ve heard them gargle mouthwash?

dzPardus is just having an awful day so far.

Link of the week: Amya, a new online manga, quite interesting and very well-drawn. Includes: elemental disaster, a spotted kitty, and a mysterious mute. Go take a look!

jeffYou know, I was considering many ways to portray the transformation from human to feline in a much more quick way rather than the originally planned 2-3 panels to show Taylor transforming so the eventual merge like panel works quite well. . This page also gives the chance for more motion lines, which is always fun to just draw tons of lines on your screen like Kira for a purpose. In other news, I have transitioned to Windows 7 64 bit version, and so far quite smooth, apart from finding out my Anti-virus and Firewall decided to not be compatible, despite labelled as such, switched to Comodo on Pix’ suggestion, and everything seems to be fine. Gaming oddly took a slight nose-dive on the more graphically intensive games at the same settings in XP, which is weird as they ran smoothly in XP. Guess I gotta look around and see if its just the OS or something hogging the memory.      LONG POST IS LONG, TLDR.

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