dzYou hadn’t forgotten, right? ^_^

Superhero-dom: not always entirely glamorous. Major props to Pix’s revised shading style.

pixellatedI really can’t be bothered to Google what DZ was on about when he wrote this. All I can say is, I’d probably prefer phlegm over ‘Black Bile’. At least if you had some control over the former, you could cause a bit of mischief, making peoples’ noses run uncontrollably.

A number of style changes from me: we’re back with the smooth shading all-round, and I’ve changed the method of colour selection for the skin and hair shade tones, which should perhaps be noticeable (faces look a bit more natural, I’m hoping). Also, I might start using blurred backgrounds a bit more to both emphasise the front content a bit. Would’ve certainly helped back in the woods DX

jeffCause you can find the light in every cloud, even when you’ve been flung across the room and bleeding from your head, bt dammi you can put a timed pun. In other news, I think I should get that RAM upgrade, as ive noticed a few times Win7 completely froze up on me at random times. The only clue I got was that my RAM counter was dangerously close to max. Or it could be a messed up installation, who knows. Regardless, the extra RAM should arrive….on the 24th. Joy.

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  1. fionnsilverwolf

    She can hock up magic hairballs.

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