pixellatedOh, do behave, 007. In all fairness, I think Onca has the most fun power of the four. Wind and earth are a bit naff, and sure, burning stuff could be fun, but manipulating water opens up a large opportunity. Hopefully we’re not going to confirm to the Avatar (the cartoon, not the recent major film) way of thinking. If humans are mostly water, I want Taylor to be able to make people punch themselves. =D

Link of the Week: Left-Handed Toons (By right-handed people). Drew (from SpinnerDisc, where he’s made some popular flash animations (Jokes with Einstein, Tiny Plaid Ninjas, Penguin Calls)) and Justin (from… somewhere) have been running a webcomic for a while now, drawn with their off-hand. They’ve just released a compilation book and their archives are definitely worth a flick through.

Anyway, hope you all have a good Christmas.

dzProps to anyone who notices the reference to another, significantly older Massachusetts-set comic. ^_^

Edit: Merry Christmas! Who would win a fight between Rudolph and Frosty?

jeffThis was an enjoyable page, in that I was given the usual storyboard layout, and I threw out and made it more dynamic, and flesh out the main panel of Kira’s Flying Crane Crouching Clock Radial Kick of Fury. As for the next page, well, it is Christmas, you never know what might happen. Merry xmas all!!


  1. Tyris

    Earth is naff?

    This comic is dead to us now.

  2. Puck

    I always thought blood-bending was a bit….. Off. I assume in order to control it they'd just be moving it as one mass, which would technically cause the blood to stop flowing and basically just kill your "puppet". Or it'd at least cause some painful internal hemorrhaging. =/

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