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pixellatedSo, this week Jeff and I were left to fend for ourselves as DZ took his leisurely (yet sudden) trip to the Dominican Republic to play golf, play golf, and probably play some golf. Perhaps he’ll go out clubbing sometime as well. Or just go for a long drive. Do some ironing?

There’s no pleasing you people, is there.

blakeThose puns were bad, and you should feel bad. How about joining my Ten-Step Help Programme for Becoming Entertaining? The first two steps are free, and the other eight steps will clearly NOT be far too expensive yet leave you frustrated that you will never be funny without my help.

…So how about it?

jeff If you ever work with someone on a webcomic or whatever, make sure you promptly ask them everything specific on what they want on a page, otherwise they’d assume you’re on the same page as them. I had to redraw the first 2 panels completly cause he left out that they were standing, they were facing each other, and that they were hearing the training as they walked in. Might have been helpful to tell me beforehand as the original sketch was them setting down and being disturbed by the training. Ah well.

On other events. Steam saaaaaless. Stop with you’re wonderful one day deals!!!


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