pixellatedIf you found that life could be manipulated to that extreme, would it give you a broader outlook on the entire universe?

pixellatedPardus likes his posters. Remember to vote to read “Blake”!

jeff This page would have been completed sooner, unfortunately, i went a little lazy during D.Z’s holiday, and when I do try and finish it, I then had a large virus problem which meant leaving the PC to be scanned by a dozen different programs trying to find and kill it. (Ironically, it was the alst program I installed AVG that found it in a minute, what the others couldnt find in 4 hours).

In other news, Steam holiday sale stealing mah monies for cheap games. Last day sale wasa bit meh so grabbed both GRAW games and Splinter Cell. That was only today tho. I think I got like under a dozen games over the course of the sale.

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