pixellatedQuick, DZ! Get in there and write all the slash before anyone else can horrify us with it!

Anyway, these last two pages have been sped through by me, since I’ve started listening to audiobooks/plays rather than music while I colour (shame I have to stop when I start adding the text, can’t concentrate properly on two sets of words at once). Last week’s comic entertainment was graciously provided by the KM Radio Amateur Drama Group, more specifically, ‘Famous For Retreating’ and ‘Yes, Dungeon Master’, both very nice plays based in the Knightmare universe (of which a lot of readers won’t have had the pleasure of experiencing: go watch some episodes on YouTube). This week, however, I got through the first half of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (read by the man himself). I’d gotten the entire series for Christmas from my brother, but there’s rarely a time nowadays that I’ll sit down with a book, so this seemed like a perfect compromise. Either way, the time spent doing the comic (about 3 hours for me this time) flew by.

dzOr, if you like your updates shorter, new Blake for voters. (Also, since someone asked me about this, voting and TWC are perfectly safe.)

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