dzGet it? Or need a refresher? You need a montage, ooh it takes a montage…

Thanks to everyone who’s been voting and keeping us in the Top 100! And hey, if you want more extras, or to just chat with us and other fans, drop by the Forum and check out stuff like Jeff’s idea of Taylor as a Star Trek character. It’s a fun place!

pixellatedI guess we know now who put the Rocky poster up in the gym.

jeff So I’ve been getting into the Splinter Cell series, trying out the first title. Quite fun, dunno why I ignored this franchise for so long. Its sneaken games for those who don’t quite want to have the melodrama of MGS (reserved space for D.Z to rant at me for saying that :P). My only annoyance? Play through 2/3 of the mission only to get a game over cause apparently one of the enemies i knockd out and placed in a good position apparently wasn’t good enough for the respawning drones and their all seeing vision.

Brooklyn RAEEGG!!!!


  1. CassCain

    Ohhh, I love Pardus and his silliness 😀

  2. The Stork


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