dzHaven’t done a link-of-the-week in a while, so here’s one: Skin Deep, one of the best shapeshifting-themed webcomics I’ve read in some time. Highly recommended.

Also, meme-lovers might enjoy this alternate version of this page. Extras thrive at the forums!

pixellatedManaged to get this comic finished up in under three hours, since the places are familiar, and characters don’t extend to Onca or Tigris: spots and stripes seem to take forever.
I think this serves as a nice reminder to the ‘normal’ of you out there: don’t try and creep into a semi-nerdy debate. If Jeff’s arguing with a guy about who’s better, Kirk or Picard, he doesn’t want me edging in to tell them both that Janeway would paint the walls with them. But Sisko wouldn’t.

jeff So hopefully from this page onwards you’ll notice a bit more expression in the eyes. If you’ve been reading from the beginning, you would know my expression work wasnt exactly stellar apart from the D: expression. I’ve pretty much worked out the animal drawings and a more varied mouth expressions, and now the eyes are getting a more varied look depending on mood so hopefully you viewers will appreciate that.

Buuuuuuuut, you could always read the Nyor~on variation of this page I whipped up for a laugh on our forum. Also, Mass Effect 2 on Friday. DO WANT NOW.

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