dzThe links seem to be popular, so here’s another high recommendation: Paradigm Shift, an X-Files-esque graphic novel that’s exquisitely drawn, makes excellent use of its Chicago setting (my current residence), and features shapeshifters (or does it…?). Check it out!

Oh, also, new month with TWC. Please keep voting and Blake will continue to be regular amusement. ^^

pixellatedWild SCUBA-SWAT appeared! “Go, ONCA!” ONCA used GROWL!

jeff Guys! We’re being ambushed, how did they know we were here?
– Investigate
– Paragon: You three need to get out of here, I’ll hold them off.
– We need to stop them and escape quickly.
– Renegade: Screw you people, I ain’t letting them take me on account of what you people did.

Yeh, Mass Effect 2, can’t stop playing.


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    Love it.

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