About The Comic

Four teens. Four cats. Four elements.

Four warriors: Panthera.


NOTE: Bios may contain some spoilers for new readers.

LEO (Jason Quinn):

Age: 17

Leo is Panthera’s first member and official team “captain”.  A natural leader as well as a scholastic whiz, Leo fights with the earth-power that accompanies his lion form. His loyalty to his team—his girlfriend Tigris, his best friend Pardus, and his beloved sister Onca—is unmatched.

TIGRIS (Kira Hwang):

Age: 17

Put simply, Tigris is in it for the action. Phenomenally athletically gifted even before becoming a tiger with fire abilities, Tigris doesn’t mess around. Battle-hardened, serious, and pessimistic, her one soft spot is for her boyfriend, Leo… though that doesn’t quite extend to his rookie sister.

PARDUS (Fletcher Emerson):

Age: 15

Being a leopard with dominion over the air is just flat-out cool, and Pardus is loving it. Though capable of sober decisions (and not half-bad on the battlefield), Pardus is typically playful, outgoing, and light-hearted. He’s also a bit of a nerd, but few people say that to someone who can eat them.

ONCA (Taylor Quinn):

Age: 14/15

The team’s final recruit, Onca is still learning the ropes of her new double-life. Not exactly a hard-edged warrior at this point, Onca nevertheless has a strong sense of justice and a bit of an adventurous streak, which have led her to her new role as Panthera’s water-elemental jaguar.

ARISTOTLE (Søren Oosterhuis/Richard Reynder):

Age: 39

Far more than just an eccentric teacher at Bridgedale High School, “Ari” is a scientific genius who has secretly assembled Panthera to fight against a sin from his own past. Why a feline-and-elemental-themed teenage assault squad? Why not? Aristotle is the team coach and trainer, and holds the highest respect from his young protégés.



Main Staff:

You can reach the Panthera staff by email at blog@pantheracomic.com

D. Z. McRoyconcept, script, management, promotion

Darren (“D.Z.”) is a 27-year-old communications professional currently living in the northern Chicago suburbs. Envisioning Panthera after abandoning another story about feline shape-shifters, D.Z. began writing the script in spring of 2008, and continues work on it today while managing other aspects of the comic and website. In his spare time, he enjoys volleyball, golf, reading, gaming, and camping. He is influenced by a wide variety of webcomics, graphic novels, and young-adult fiction, as well as way too much fantasy-tinged melodic metal.



Jeffrey Kanart, colour, design

More commonly known on the net as Jeffk38uk, he has been doing art for a fair number of years before being curious about “Panthera.” Jeff is the main artist… which means he pretty much controls the way everything looks.




Support Staff:

Jon “Pixellated” Bennett design support, vote incentives, colour (to 3.16)

Jon was the original finisher of the comics (colour, speech, SFX), since Jeff was wrapped up tight with Uni work. In the middle of Chapter 3 the situation swapped: Jeff graduated, meaning he had more time on his hands, and took over to make the comic look more awesome. Jon’s still around to help out with design and create the vote incentive strip, ‘Blake’. He’s a Graphic Design student at Nottingham Trent University (England): drop by the links section to visit his portfolio site.