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I always said that we’d be back, and we are! It took way too long, but we never forgot this story and I’m really thrilled to be back to telling it! If you’re returning to the story after a while, or if you’re new, why not go back and start from the beginning for a refresher? Otherwise, keep checking back for new pages each week from here on out!


Well, things certainly look different huh? First off I want to say a big thanks to all of you who continue to be fans of our little webcomic, it makes me happy to know that people continue to enjoy what we have made and still ask me on when we’ll be coming back. Hopefully today’s page will answer that question.

Two years is a long time however and things change, including my art which I hope you’ll find is a marked improvement to how it looks before. The hiatus and return has allowed me a chance to tweak some designs, and Jason at the moment has gone through the most. He now sports a revised hairstyle and new standard clothing. Let me know in the comments below what you think how he looks.

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Still behind…

dzI can promise there will definitely be three new pages between right now and sometime during or slightly after next Thursday. Exactly when… we’ve been having a bit of trouble with “exactly-s” lately. Apologies, and please stick with us as we get back on track.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the new Chapter I cover yet, you’re missing out. :-)

New Chapter I cover

dzWe’re updating old covers, which used to be a bit abstract, with more character-art-driven versions.

The new Chapter I Cover is now up, and hopefully we’ll get the rest done before the end of Chapter V.

Friday is the new Thursday!

dz–not long-term I hope.

Page up sometime Friday evening GMT, and hopefully back to normal by next Thursday.

Slightly behind

dzWe’ve chewed through our buffer and now we’re operating page-to-page again, and we’re just a few hours behind schedule. Expect today and Thursday’s updates to be a bit late, though Jeff might make Thursday on time… never know. I just write this silliness. :-)

EDIT: Expect next page Thursday night sometime; sorry for the delay.

EDIT #2 (4/22): Still about a half-day back! Jeff says to expect page Thursday afternoon (GMT).