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dzThe reappearance of Inspector General Margarita Villalongo, although only in back-shots and close-ups.

Incidentally, the dialogue on that page might make a little more sense in light of recent revelations.

jeffWe get to see the rest of the team, and my chance to update their looks. While Jason was the most dramatic change, the other three were mostly smaller tweaks and cleanups. For Kira, her hairstyle has been streamlined with fewer but larger stands, while her top has been given another pass, now including three buttons.

Fletcher hasn’t changed much at all honestly but the hair shading has been tweaked so highlight the curves of his hair.

Taylor is only partly changed, if you watch my gallery you may have already seen her updated look before. Her hairstyle has been changed to be more easier to see and more curvy. No uniform tho because if you remember, she torn her clothes… again.

Let me know what you think of the results in the comments below.

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Still behind…

dzI can promise there will definitely be three new pages between right now and sometime during or slightly after next Thursday. Exactly when… we’ve been having a bit of trouble with “exactly-s” lately. Apologies, and please stick with us as we get back on track.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the new Chapter I cover yet, you’re missing out. :-)

New Chapter I cover

dzWe’re updating old covers, which used to be a bit abstract, with more character-art-driven versions.

The new Chapter I Cover is now up, and hopefully we’ll get the rest done before the end of Chapter V.

Friday is the new Thursday!

dz–not long-term I hope.

Page up sometime Friday evening GMT, and hopefully back to normal by next Thursday.

Slightly behind

dzWe’ve chewed through our buffer and now we’re operating page-to-page again, and we’re just a few hours behind schedule. Expect today and Thursday’s updates to be a bit late, though Jeff might make Thursday on time… never know. I just write this silliness. :-)

EDIT: Expect next page Thursday night sometime; sorry for the delay.

EDIT #2 (4/22): Still about a half-day back! Jeff says to expect page Thursday afternoon (GMT).